Car leaking antifreeze when parked

Once it is low, there will not be enough coolant to keep your engine at the normal operating temperature and the engine will overheat. Coolant leaks, if ignored, can lead to an overheated engine in your 2005 Saturn Learn how to diagnose and fix minor oil leaks in your car. If you continue to drive your car with low antifreeze your vehicle will eventually overheat. To dream of a car alarm represents feelings about warnings or alerting signals in life about interference with decision-making. However, it is also a really easy test. You feel that you have to put your own life on hold. Since my last post the antifreeze levels seem to be fine, but I keep on getting that "pink" fluid on my driveway. . Not address. several time when car is parked there is a puddle of antifreeze on ground. A rising temperature gauge, a pool of coolant beneath the car and a drop in the radiator level are signs of a leak. Dec 3, 2016 However, I parked today and immediately, when looking under the car, saw coolant leak (green). It also could come from Cruise control not holding. at least. So in 15 hrs 3/4 of overflow was lost. It only leaks after the car is driven & parked & allowed to cool down. Shock or surprise that someone is trying to cease control of decision-making or interfere with your ability to lead your own life. Hi there. Car starts to smell of antifreeze, leak is confirmed and car starts running hot to danger hot. Car Alarms. "What Do You Do If Your Car Is Leaking Antifreeze? Watch more videos for more knowledge How to Fix a Radiator Coolant Leak - YouTube https://www. on monday. Just a five-minute drive, and I had good heat again. Have the system checked by a professional to avoid overheating. In some instances, after a radiator is replaced, a coolant line can be left loose by accident or can come loose as the hose clamp gets hot. I don't see antifreeze anywhere under the hood but it smells so much under Yep, your power steering system may use a fluid that’s either identical or similar to your car’s transmission fluid. Any idea what could be causing this ? I had a head gasket repair done about 6 months ago. You are afraid to let others down. It appears it leaking from a radiator hose. Heater valves (Chris Zwingli) If you have to replace a leaking heater valve, be careful and compare the old one with the new one if it is My 2005 ford taurus is leaking antifreeze under the car in a puddle on the passenger side. and discover a puddle underneath it a few minutes after you've parked. Types of leaks that can occur within your car's engine. Won't Start / Mysterious Coolant Leak Bonneville Car a hole in thereThen it fills up with water and antifreeze and will cause it not to start. my car is leaking oil underneath after a washer was repkaced. Have a 2014 with a 5. Saturday I took my car in to get my rear struts checked out. The top of the motor looks the same as it did before this leak started, there is no coolant on top of the motor. I can’t really fit myself all the way under the car to see where exactly it is leaking from. Clear: Water from the HVAC drain, this is safe and normal This is located behind the engine on most cars Clear/Bluish Clear: This is from the windshield washer system. It was the first time I'd really had the car out for a good boot, and it was mostly behaving well. 4L engine. But if you cannot actually see the leak, a systematic check is called for. It is not leaking from the top or side, but instead at the … read more Auto Diagnosis - What's That Smell? Remember that new-car smell? Actually, new cars haven't had that smell since manufacturers took the solvents out of the glues in the interior in an attempt to Light brown to black, very greasy and slick; under front half of vehicle. Corrosion of your radiator tubes or damage because of stones or debris can create a leak. That Valiant blew hot from the heater any time I wanted it, from then on. Before we get to how to fix a coolant leak, let’s talk about why it is important to fix your leak quickly. Model 2013. Why Is My Car Leaking Oil When Parked? It is often said that changing the oil is the single most important thing you can do to take care of your car. 100+ Car Leaking Antifreeze HD Wallpapers by Teagan Saunders such as Car Leaking Coolant, My Well Is Leaking, Car Coolant, Why Is My Distributor Gasket Leaking Oil, Antifreeze Leaking From Car Engine, Freeze Plugs Leaking, Car Leaking Antifreeze and Smoking, Antifreeze Spill, Antifreeze Leaking Causes, Car Leaking Sticky Fluid, My Car Is Leaking Coolant, Car Dripping Oil, Antifreeze Leak Have you ever noticed a dark puddle on the pavement where your car was parked? Engines use a number of different fluids to operate. It doesn't leak much when I drive it, but it leaks mostly when I keep it parked for a couple days without turning it on. This was done when my husband changed oil on the car. he has never put anything down to keep the oil off the road or ever made an attempt to clean it and the car is still leaking oil every day. After the car is driven for about 20 miles & parked, it leaks antifreeze from under the under carriage. Will check with service dept. roads to get the car nice and warm, then go to a parking lot and perform several tight  Orange fluid leaking from your vehicle can be one of several things. This could be evidence of a slow leak in your system. After we stop driving and park somewhere it would drip for a while and then stop even though there was still antifreeze left in the overflow tank. In order to check the level of this liquid, it is vital that your car be parked on a flat surface. Leaking fluid it does not seem to be coming from the water pump but is coming from around that area because it’s dripping from that side of the engine I feel around the water pump and here is not moisture anywhere around it It leaks pretty bad while the car is parked but it only does it sometimes To dream that your car is buried suggests that you are feeling weary about pursing someone else's dreams instead of your own. The colour of engine oil depends on when it was last changed and the age of your car. Have this problem addressed, because breathing antifreeze isn’t good for you. And a mechanic did find some antifreeze in the number three cylinder. a. It seems to be getting worse Ford 302 Engine leaking water antifreeze ? The seller drove the car to my home and parked it and did tell me that the water temp gauge will go all the way to HOT but the car doesn't over-heat Coolant or antifreeze is one of the most important fluids in your car. There are really only three common causes for coolant leaks, although each type of leak has several possibilities, varying in severity. If your car is leaking coolant, it will run normally until the coolant level gets too low. The main point here is something caused the antifreeze to leake ALL AT ONCE this isn't a gradual drip as I go down the street - the pressure test confirmed for the most part that the car should be working under normal pressure without leaks - I don't think the car is currently leaking antifreeze at this point in time and if it is - it is very My stepdad also changed the oil and antifreeze. The change in temperatures creates moisture and it will look like your car is leaking The video above shows to how to fix minor coolant (anti freeze) leaks in your 2005 Chevrolet Equinox. If you find that your car’s oil needs topping off between oil changes, then it is probably leaking oil – and you may not have noticed it. That’s what I’d guess the most likely culprits are. If the cardboard is wet, you likely have a leak somewhere in the motor. And it’s not always easy for the average driver to tell what’s leaking. The coolant system consists of rubber hoses, gaskets and seals which are subject to engine heat and vibration which in time can cause these items to fail and start leaking antifreeze. When I turn my heat on the car will hover sometimes to around 260 but recently my car has reached 260 so I finished driving home and haven’t driven it since. You may also see a leak between the tank and radiator body over time, as the sealing gasket wears out. Average failure mileage is 130,000 miles. AS ITS NAME SUGGESTS, antifreeze is Why Is Water Leaking On The Passenger Floor Of My Car? Reader Question Hi Austin, I’m from Perth, Western Australia, but i think our cars work the same way over here. Coolant Leaking Problems of Subaru Outback Subaru Outback owners have reported 17 problems related to coolant leaking (under the engine and engine cooling category). The cooling system, or the windscreen washer system, or the exhaust. It could also be condensation from your air conditioning system. Leaking coolant is one of the more common types of fluid leaks on Camrys. Car Leaking Antifreeze When Parked: Cardboard Test. But it’s important that you let your cooler head prevail and follow these tips: Hi Austin, my car is a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire. Antifreeze generally leaks from your vehicles water pump, hoses or radiator when fittings, hoses, clamps or other components have worn out or are not properly attached. What seems to be the problem? Just wanted to know what could be wrong if the car leaks little coolant only when parked? Before it didn't leak any coolant from near the engine belts but since i've been using the ac lately, it started leaking very slowly from around top of the compressor. The 2001 Cadillac DeVille has 1 problems reported for leaking antifreeze. Engine temperature is cool on dashboard. If they’re near the front, your power steering’s to blame. My car has been over-heating slowly over the last two or so weeks hovering above 195. Is antifreeze leaking from any engine surface? Checking for engine leaks isn't as easy a task as it sounds, because it's tough to An antifreeze leak can happen at any point within the car's cooling system. This typically means that something in your car’s coolant system has become worn out or detached, but using the wrong type of antifreeze for your vehicle can also cause leaking. My car are 2002 IMPALA and my radiator are leaking from the front of my car and its leaking antifreeze on to the drown from driver side in front of my car but my car wasn’t running over heated it was running under hearted and my car still starts up with no problem and yes I smells the antifreeze I even looked under my car I saw it run out the Cars are not supposed to leak antifreeze, also known as engine coolant. I mentioned to my mechanic about this Issue, while the car was lifted we checked the front left driver side found my power steering "hoses" were leaking. If you feel the transmission slipping, bucking, or jerking in and out of gear, or the rpm's go up and the car does not speed up when in drive, the transmission fluid is Follow the steps in this video to see how to fix minor coolant (antifreeze) leaks in your 1997 Toyota Camry. If you’re not sure whether you are losing oil, transmission fluid, coolant or brake fluid, here is a simple, but effective method for finding who or what caused it! Hi, I have a 2000 BMW 323i 4dr sedan, the problem that I''m currently experiencing is that the coolant/antifreeze expansion tank is leaking. 0L V6. What are the possible causes of car leaking Coolant (Anti Freeze)? I have a 1994 Pontiac grand Prix with the 6Cyl 3. There is always coolant in the reserve tank. Coolant drips on to the engine and turns into superheated mist. ” 100+ Car Leaking Antifreeze HD Wallpapers by Retha Rowe such as Freeze Plugs Leaking, Car Leaking Coolant, Why Is My Distributor Gasket Leaking Oil, Antifreeze Leaking From Car Engine, Car Leaking Antifreeze Water Pump, Car Leaking Fluids, Car Leaking Antifreeze On Ground, From Head Gasket Leaking Antifreeze, Coolant Leak, Car Dripping Oil, Why Is My Truck Still Leaking Coolant, Car Leaking Jan 4, 2018 Pretty major coolant leak while car is parked. The consistency of antifreeze is thinner than oil but slightly thicker than water. I' ve tried a few times to jack the car up and run it for a while,  Aug 19, 2016 Do you know the signs your engine coolant has leaked? Our experts explain the common warning signs that indicate your car may have a coolant leak. What to do if you’re in traffic. orange or purple fluid under your vehicle after it's been parked, that . If the coolant leaking from bottom of car is  May 25, 2019 If your vehicle is leaking antifreeze, the problem needs to be repaired the car of lime-green, orange, pink, or blue-green after you've parked. Luckily, brightly colored coolant (a. Eventually the radiator and the Antifreeze is expensive enough that you'll feel silly to have it all leak out if you cheap out and do the upper hose, and the bottom one develops a leak the next month. noticed that it was leaking antifreeze. It will not hurt the How to check coolant car level: If you notice a rapid fall in the quantity of this liquid, there is a leak in the circuit and we recommend that you go and see your garage mechanic quickly. The hoses are fine and the head passed a stress test. If the car is parked on a slight uphill slope, the radiator coolant might be leaking from one of the top cooling lines or from the radiator overflow reservoir hose. To fix an antifreeze leak, you'll need the following items: I am currently at work and I went out to my car a few hours ago. You may notice drips on the ground under your parked car, or the smell of burning oil while driving. The first and most obvious sign will be a puddle of coolant where your car was parked. It drains the water onto the ground under the car, via a rubber hose. I would only smell antifreeze after the engine was fully warmed-up, and it was much more noticeable when the car was parked in my garage. Presuming it is actually engine coolant that’s leaking, it could be the radiator sprang a leak, or the water pump decided it has had enough and wants to be replaced. Some cars leak oil only while driving and the engine is hot. Antifreeze plays a key part in keeping your engine running properly, so it's important to know if it's leaking If your vehicle is leaking antifreeze, the problem needs to be I own a 1996 Isuzu Rodeo that is leaking antifreeze from under the front driver's side. Antifreeze leaking from a car is an indication that one of the components of the car's cooling system is damaged or worn. A car’s air conditioner needs to do something with the moisture it removes from the air inside the passenger compartment. Leaking Antifreeze (1990 Toyota Corolla) I have a 1990 toyota carolla and I noticed that when my car was parked tonight there is a tiny leak of antifreeze comming from the bottom center of the car. If your car leaks red fluid, it's probably transmission fluid, and driving your vehicle with a transmission fluid leak can leave you stranded if too much fluid leaks out. Right before I noticed the leak, there was a burning smell, almost like burnt plastic or rubber coming from under the car. The drip was coming off the piece of metal  The coolant in your car helps to maintain the engine's temperature. Low Coolant May Not Always Indicate a Leak in Your Radiator 5 Common areas that can cause a burning smell from your car: 1) the clutch - may result from riding the clutch or needing a replacement, 2) the brakes - can occur from heavy break usage or riding the brakes, 3) an electrical short, 4) the heater - may result from debris in the system or from a bad Number 26 langdon close is causing a large area of the road to become covered in oil from a leak his car has that he has been aware of for months. The cost of repairs can range drastically, depending on the cause of the problem. You can usually spot an antifreeze leak while it drips, sprays, or spurts from the leaking part. My stepdad came and got the car and checked it out. First and foremost, this is an overnight test. It was running fine, but when I did a last minute look before taking off, I noticed a puddle of water underneath. It can only come from three places. In time, radiators can become corroded and prone to holes or cracks. laurenfix. Coolant reservoir is empty even after refill the other day. com/ This exact issue was driving me crazy a few years ago with my last car. Aug 14, 2018 It pumps vital fluid through your radiator, cooling system and engine block to prevent it from freezing. . I first noticed it as a puddle of coolant under the car after being parked a while. Then, the first time I drove it ever, after I parked I realized that antifreeze was leaking out from under it onto the ground. These types of leaks can be difficult to detect and you may need to have the engine seals and gaskets inspected at an auto repair shop. If your car leaks oil in drips while your car is parked and leaves a puddle on your garage’s floor, take it into a mechanic and get it fixed ASAP. Return to Overheating Diagnostic Chart. To dream that your car flipped over or rolled over implies that some significant event is preventing you from achieving your goals. And now There are sounds coming out of my car underneath the drivers seat. One major cause of antifreeze leaking in a car is a damaged or worn radiator. No coolant on passenger floorboards. We can smell the antifreeze near the front of the car after we've driven it and parked it. Yellow or Green Bright yellow or green fluid is antifreeze, also known as coolant. Watch this free video to see how to fix minor coolant (antifreeze) leaks in a 2005 Saturn L300 3. The most recently reported issues are listed below. I had a question on how fix my 03 honda pilot that has water leaking in on both the driver and passenger floor. First time I'd ever seen it happen. So how do you tell the difference? Well, look at where the spots are. Please help. New engine oil is light brown in colour, but can look black if it hasn’t been changed in a while. S. I own a 2002 745i. Engine coolant (which is also called antifreeze or anti-freeze) moves through the inside of your Camry's engine and keeps it from overheating. Well these are the general colors of fluids from a car. You can also have antifreeze leaks at the various hose attachment points. Wasn't run hot, as soon as it hit the red. But what happens to a car when there’s no coolant in the system? In this guide, we’ll look at: What happens to an engine with no coolant; How modern engines deal with low coolant and overheating Coolant, also known as antifreeze, prevents your car from overheating. A good way to determine the amount and location of the fluid leakage is to place a large piece of cardboard under your car when you park it overnight. Recently I had the a/c motor replaced in my car. Antifreeze makers use those dye colors to differentiate coolant from other fluids used in cars. If you see a puddle under your car on your garage floor, driveway or parking spot, this is very likely a sign of a leak. This test for a car leaking antifreeze when parked comes from How Stuff Works. If you detect antifreeze leaking from the engine of your car, the wise move is to get it taken care of as soon as possible. It is a Peugeot 208 . youtube. How much does it cost to fix a coolant leak? Unless you have a good deal of experience with auto repairs, it's a good idea to bring your car into the mechanic to repair an antifreeze leak. If they’re around the center of the car, the transmission’s probably the culprit. You may notice that coolant has collected on the ground under your car or that your reservoir tank is not as high as it should be. Puddles under the car of lime-green, orange, pink, or blue-green after you've parked. Try to position the cardboard directly under the water pump, and look for traces of green liquid on the cardboard, which is usually a sign that antifreeze is leaking from the pump. Coolant leaks only when car is running. Oil lubricates your engine. All your antifreeze leaked out of your car while you were parked for an hourIt's back further not close to the radiator? leaking antifreeze yesterday but not today? you fix the problem 6 Common Fluids That Can Leak from Your Car, and How to Diagnose Them. A coolant leak if unchecked can cause the car's engine to heat up enough to as coolant may drip onto pavement while you are driving or onto a parking lot  Cars are not supposed to leak antifreeze, also known as engine coolant. Hubby thinks it may be lower radiator hose  Oct 15, 2016 Antifreeze is critical to safe operation of your vehicle. Sep 28, 2015 Green or orange liquid coming from you car may indicate you have a coolant leak . Does not overheat, but heater will not work when coolant is low. An antifreeze leak can occur through a hole in your radiator. Well if there is not a puddle of antifreeze underneath where it is most often parked, then I would suspect you have a head gasket or cracked block/head problem. The leak is coming from around the front passenger side. We explain what it is and why it’s essential to the good health of your car’s engine. But when I parked my car next to her house I see a lot of smoke started to come out under the hood. So are rust-coloured stains in the engine bay. I've added some follow up questions that are specific to my situation but for the main que Losing Antifreeze With No Apparent Leak by Chris Stevenson Whenever a vehicle loses antifreeze, also known as coolant, the usual expectation leads the owner to check for evidence of leaks at all the coolant connections and components. Being in traffic when your car begins to overheat can make the situation that much more stressful. Antifreeze gets very hot and will start to steam, especially if it's spraying onto a hot engine or running down a hot radiator. So you need to have patience when it comes to the cardboard test. June 6, 2017 - Whether you spot a puddle under your car or just a few drops, there are several possible culprits, and color alone might not explain what it is. What we’re talking about here are obviously the spots and puddles that you occasionally see on the street or driveway where you park your car. Burning: Oil could be leaking onto a hot part of the engine or somewhere in the exhaust. Like engine oil, the source of an antifreeze leak is usually in the front part of your vehicle, close to the engine. Jan 10, 2019 If it's blue, yellow, or green, your vehicle might be leaking coolant. Coolant leak when its really cold at night and parked outside. There were no visible signs of leakage/seepage. No one can pinpoint where the leak is coming from. It's also easy to identify antifreeze by its unique color [source: AA1Car]. There has not been antifreeze on the floor in my car. This is more common on the upper and lower hose assembly as corrosion or heat can cause cracks in the hoses or seals. My husband noticed yesturday that the car was leaking coolant. Just bought it and smelt coolant when it was parked in the garage. If you’re leaking antifreeze but not overheating or you have a car leaking antifreeze when parked, you still have a chance to repair your vehicle for a lower cost. Yep, your power steering system may use a fluid that’s either identical or similar to your car’s transmission fluid. If the  Feb 2, 2018 If your car is leaking coolant, you'll want to get it checked out right away to floor, driveway or parking spot, this is likely a sign of a coolant leak. Is that a reasonable conclusion? Also, should not the antifreeze (green) be diluted for optimum performance? What happens if I drive without antifreeze in my car (no water / no antifreeze)? This is my main question. Cause it only leaks when the car has been sitting outside, overnight. Green fluid leaking from your car is most likely an antifreeze leak. Mind that antifreeze is extremely toxic for people and pets. A 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and distilled water flows around the engine during use, keeping it from overheating, so a leak can mean trouble. Calling dealer in colorado springs again. Not mixed with oil as far as I can tell straight coolant. by Lauren Fix, The Car Coach www. com. not only is there children playing out in the street but the oil stain is reducing the value and appeal of my Coolant has a sweet smell like candy, if your car is leaking coolant or antifreeze, you will notice the sweet smell coming from your engine compartment or inside your vehicle if you heater core has failed. Rust in your radiator can cause leaking antifreeze or condensation to appear orange. If your car is leaking engine oil, there could be a stain where the car has been parked. Good idea to make sure the radiator cap – if your car has one – is screwed on the radiator properly too. By 11am the very next morning I check antifreeze and it has all emptied out of over flow tank but 1/4 is left. If you don't use the right antifreeze, leaks are more likely to occur. Antifreeze comes in either green or blue, and is mixed 50-50 with water; however, if you live in a warm climate that doesn't experience frost, you could get away with up to a 100% water mixture. Antifreeze may also leak from your exhaust pipe at the tail end of your car. Question: Why is My Car Leaking Water? We were about to leave on a little road trip, and I had the car running in the driveway with the A/C on while we packed. Jeep antifreeze leak - It drips very small amount only a few times then stops and only seems like it drips when the car is off and parked . Never saw any coolant under the car. I noticed that there is a LOT of coolant under my car. How to check your car for a fluid leak. Feb 12, 2016 Porsche Cayenne Coolant Leak & Coolant Pipe Update coolant pooling on the garage floor or driveway underneath the car when it's parked. Sep 6, 2011 Antifreeze is one of the most common leaks on cars. Common problems include cracked and split radiator hoses, faulty hose ends and hose clamps, and leaks in reservoirs and radiators. Unfortunately, there are no flashing lights pointing to the problem. After parking it (warm) for a while I came back and found a big puddle underneath. The car had a giant tree fall on when the previous owner had it parked outside. Check your engine oil when the engine is cool to get the most accurate reading. The three H’s—hazy, hot and humid—are probably the most common cause of fluid leaking from a car, in the eastern U. Coolant is pouring from under the passenger side right near the tire, and when i say pouring I mean exactly that. Looking under the hood may not help you out much either. It protects your engine from overheating by taking the heat from your engine and cooling it  If your car is leaking coolant, it will run normally until the coolant level gets too light came on again, since I didn't have money to fix it, I left it parked for a few  The cooling system in your car is vital to the proper functioning of the car's engine and sometimes coolant leaks can toy with your car's efficiency and  May 31, 2018 Coolant leaks must be found to prevent engine damage coolant is used to provide comfort to the passengers of the car in cold weather. i have had to add anti and water. An oil leak can adversely affect oil levels in your car, and if left unchecked, can cause engine damage. And when I turn my car the front right wheel has a scratchy sound as if it is rubbibg against something. Leaks around hose connections can also cause antifreeze to ooze out of the car. antifreeze) is very  Buy K-Seal ST5501 Multi Purpose One Step Permanent Coolant Leak Sold by: ICE AUTO PARTS . Literally, anyone can do this. The fluid runs from different parts of the engine to others and is always contained. k. And while this may sound a bit facetious, if you can’t speak spots then all you can say to the person who fixes your car is, “I keep seeing spots on my driveway. Assembly point I believe is Mexico so don't think that this is a quality assembly point. 7 and 8k on it. With some minor troubleshooting you can find where the leak is coming from to see if you can fix it yourself or have a repair garage do it for you. Leak comes from two small hoses that connect a big hose above the engine. Engine oil leaks may hit the ground or burn off. Expect to pay about $100 for coolant leak repair, and more if it has been leaking . If a car is leaking antifreeze, the coolant system should be inspected as soon as possible. mechanic noticed the leak when I had it kept in his shop overnight for something else, he told me he can't find the leak because it is so slow he'd have to watch it for hours to There is coolant leaking when it is parked on passenger side, front only. Maybe a litre of coolant had come out from somewhere after I'd shut the car off. took it to the dealership and they said it was the front seal on the water pump and replaced it. I immediately parked the car, let it cool, and drained the cooling system. A leaking hose, worn or broken fan belt, bad water pump, or malfunctioning thermostat may be the culprit. Nevertheless, it is something that many automobile owners delay—and the results of procrastination can be dire. The likely sources of leaks are where a hose is flexed by Coolant Leak When Parked On Incline After some "burping" of the coolant system I had my heat back and my car seemed to be fine. The car front has been remodeled and its a great car overall, but the water leak is a pain in the winter. Do you have a fluid leak under your car or truck? Here’s a simple way to be your own private investigator. Car was cut off to cool. Before attempting to fix the coolant components on your Equinox, please check out our What is Leaking? to determine what type of fluid is leaking from your car. I don't feel like going Nissan no more. What if coolant leaks when car is parked and radiator still has fluid where and why would it be leaking also what if you can smell it through the car while driving with out heat or AC on? Another common fluid to drip from your car is good ol’ engine oil. but over the last week quite a lot of water has been leaking into the front passenger side of the car. Let the car sit overnight and then examine the cardboard. He had driven it around a lot to get all these repairs done and nothing was leaking. I'm pretty sure you can ignore the washer system. If your car overheats for too long, it could blow a head gasket, allowing the water and oil to mix, ruining the engine. 11-23-13 went to start my car found antifreeze and oil leaking on the ground. I got 1 or 2 "low coolant" messages in the following days, but just topped it up, and they went away. 11-12-2013 2nd failure coolant leak and oil mileage at failure 93513 dealer found leak at the corner of water outlet on rear cylinder head, and replaced outlet tube. If there is a puddle of antifreeze under the car, or under the passenger side carpet, then you can easily track the leak back to its source. The Car Guy says you can place newspaper or aluminum foil under your car in the evening and then "read" the spots the Coolant/antifreeze is the most important fluid under the bonnet, maintaining the temperature of the engine to prevent overheating. That depends on the quantity of water. It's not If your car leaks oil in drips while your car is parked and leaves a puddle on your  Oct 8, 2018 If you're leaking antifreeze but not overheating or you have a car leaking antifreeze when parked, you still have a chance to repair your vehicle  Jun 6, 2017 June 6, 2017 - Whether you spot a puddle under your car or just a few drops, Most antifreeze used to be green; now it comes in several hues. If you see this greenish fluid on the ground or other engine parts, something is broken or split and must be repaired or replaced. If you've noticed an odd, sweet smell coming from your car after you shut the engine off you might have an antifreeze leak. car leaking antifreeze when parked

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