Get Started With Innovative Nail Art Designs

Well manicured and well groomed nails are always a strong indication of a person’s personality and also reflect their style. Today the nail fashion trend is greatly inclined towards nail arts that is not only unique in every aspect but also gives a stunning look to the otherwise dull looking nails.

A lot of young and fashion conscious women are taking on to nails art as the best way to get rid of dull looking plain nails. From just wearing a color on your nails, nail art enhances the beauty of nails with its innovation in the form of small motifs, danglers, stones, glitters, ceramic flowers, etc which will make your nails stand out for any occasion.

Creating decorative designs on nails is not always easy and requires a lot of professionalism and creativity especially if you are planning on some intricate designs. A well done art can brighten up your overall appearance and complement your outfit to a great extent. Nail arts designing can vary from subtle and delicate designs to bold and funky designs.

Nails art requires certain basic steps to be followed to get the application perfectly. Before you start with nail designing, make sure you clean and shape up your nails properly. Trimming your nails and filing them is necessary to get the best result. Even the best of the artists cannot create beautiful designs on your nails if they are in a bad shape and not well kept. You can also consider using acrylic nails if your nails are in a real bad shape and beyond repair. The nail art design can then be painted over these artificial acrylics.

Once your nails are painted with a base coat, you can create your designs using the nail arts brushes that are available in different sizes based on the design you want to draw. Intricate designs will require more thin tipped and finer nail brushes to get the design right and visible. The use of toothpicks is also not uncommon especially if you are a beginner and want to improve your designs. For any nail polish application mistakes, you can use cotton swabs to remove the excess color. Make sure you do it quick as nail polish dries very fast. It is also good to use a different brush for each nail polish color so that you can save time.

Nails art designs can be created using different methods. Novices mostly prefer to create their designs by copying them from nail art books or seeing them on the Internet. One can also learn nail arts through courses offered by some professional nail salons. However, even if you possess minimal artistic capability, you can create simple easy floral designs or geometric shapes which do not require high end training.

While much of the nail art designs use a combination of nail polish colors, one can also add some glitter into the nail polish before painting to jazz up your nails. The use of other nails art accessories like rhinestones, acrylic stones, 3D nail stickers, ceramic flowers, fimo art pieces, crushed shells, etc to name a few are also being widely used to highlight the nails and give them a more sophisticated look.

Once you have completed your nail designing, it is important to maintain your nails properly to prevent your nail arts from chipping and to last long. The best would be to apply a clear nail polish coat over your nails every 2 to 3 days and try wearing gloves while working to prevent any nail damage. Most important, avoid biting your nails to keep your nails in good condition and also your nail art intact.

How to Handle Your Own Nail Art: 3D Nails

Fashion trend have really been advancing and nail art along with them all. As far as manicures go, designing and decorating nails has become a huge part of dressing as a whole. From simple to zany and sophisticated nail art designs, you can add starts to enhance nail beauty and really enjoy it.

Fabulous 3D designs have become famous in the nail art world. 3D nail designing is applying different creative designs to the thumbnails, fingernails and toenails. Professionals have the job of getting this done at beauty parlors but you can definitely achieve some nail art looks by yourself. There are many YouTube videos explaining the details of 3D nail art so that even beginners can get it right. Ultimately, learning DIY 3D nails is not a difficult task. Let us walk you through the basics and necessities.

How to achieve the look

On fake nails, you will apply acrylic to make a mould for uniformity in nail design. The mould isn’t necessary if you are feeling artistic and sure you can take on the task. Using nail glue, you will attach the fake nails to your own nails for instant manicure. With different shapes, sizes and designs, you can create unique 3D nail art to fit your particular taste.

Required tools

Here is what you’re going to need for 3D nail art designs:

– 3D decorations
– Dotter or dotting pen
– Painting brushes
– Detailing brushes
– Rods, sticks and sticker gel for 3D design

Is it difficult?

It isn’t so difficult to achieve nail beauty with 3D nail designing. When you have interest, you can master the art through consistent practice. Professionals offer special training courses where you can learn the tricks and tips of nail art. If you don’t want something so intense, there are numerous YouTube videos to watch and learn from. Even detailed nail art books can teach you so much about achieving stunning looks. Practice makes perfect so take time out to practice your skills building up to the time you need them.

Must fake nails be used?

If the 3D nail art is applied to your real nails, you cannot easily remove parts or make corrections. This is, however, the opposite when it comes to fake nails. You can even throw the whole thing out if you mess up horribly. There is no way you’re throwing away your own fingers after getting it wrong.

Where to get 3D nail supplies

Online websites offer a variety of retail and wholesale products for anyone to buy. You don’t have to be a professional to purchase these supplies, and they can be use din so many ways to create stunning designs. If you are not sure what to get, you can buy whole sets for creating 3D nails. If you are ready to involve your creativity, pick out individual items and put your great skills to work.

Your friends will be asking for your manicure salon when they see the amazing designs made using professional tools will produce an equally professional outcome that will have people believing you had your nails done at a beauty parlor. You can have all this while saving money by doing it yourself.

Instead of spending a lot of money in beauty salons trying to achieve a great 3D nail art look, invest in some products and tools, spend some time practicing, and do your nails by yourself.

Fimo Art Sticks – Hottest Nail Art Accessories For Nail Decoration

Nail art has now become the new millennium fashion statement as it brings with it wild creativity and imagination that unfolds into beautiful and distinctive designs. Fashion is no longer restricted to being well dressed and even the most well groomed person requires adding that extra zing to their personality with well dressed nails.

Today nail art is not uncommon and there are tons of innovative and artistic nail art accessories that are used in combination’s to add extra charm and glamour to finger nails. One can visit a nail professional or a nail salon and have their nails decorated with the best of the accessories to make their nails look stunning and stand out in the crowd.

The creativity in nail art is endless and quite overwhelming. One can select from a wide assortment of nail decorations to suit their occasion – whether it’s hanging out with friends or a special party. Nail decoration accessories range from Fimo fruit pieces to 3D nail stickers, 3D art flowers, 3D ceramic animals, Acrylic stones, dried flowers, crushes shells, glitter powder, glass beads, rhinestones and much more.

Out of the many varieties in nail art accessories, Fimo art sticks are something unique and give a tasteful touch to your nails. You can find Fimo art sticks in beautiful designs and shapes of flowers, christmas tree, butterfly wings, smiley face, bees, cat, fish, duck, dragonfly, ladybug, rose, feather, snowman, pirate, cake and box design. These come in a variety of colors to suit your individual color preference as well.

You can cut the fruit sticks with a blade to get a thickness that you want and create amazing designs on your nails. Fimo art sticks are extremely soft and can be easily cut and stuck on the nails. If you are looking to dress your nails with something unusual, then this is worth trying and you will surely love it.

These art sticks are the perfect accessories for nail salons and nail technicians to delight their clients with and nail schools can get these in bulk too to help students to practise a professional nail art application.

The list of nail art accessories is unlimited and you can create exclusive nail art designs using a combination of any of these. There are new decorations that are always being innovated and there is something to appeal to every person looking out to enhance their nail beauty. Make sure you buy your nail decorations from reputed stores to prevent any nail reactions or problems arising from cheap nail accessories. It is worth spending a little more to get quality products from branded stores than running the risk of losing your money and ruining your nails with substandard products.

You can check out these Fimo art sticks online and get great deals on them at almost 50% off now. What could be better than this exclusive piece of art at great discounts to suit the budget needs of all? Get them and try them now and be a part of the hottest trend in nail fashion.

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