Tips for a Flawless Faux Eyelash Application!

Make sure you read these tips to help you apply false eyelashes. Applying false lashes is much easier than it seems and you can do it like a pro in no time!

Want to get the most natural look from faux eyelashes? It is definitely easier than you think. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Make sure to take your eyelashes out of the package and bend them back and forth to soften the strip. The good eyelash strips will already have a soft strip so no need to over do it because most of the work will be done with you.

Make sure to measure the eyelash strip and make necessary adjustments. If you want to make sure that the eyelash looks natural then you need to make sure that the strip is the exact same size as your natural lashes. Trim the extra pieces if any, and make sure that both eyelash strips are the same length.

Apply mascara to your own eyelashes BEFORE applying the eyelash strip. Putting mascara on your own lashes makes a huge difference when trying to apply the eyelash strip because it gives it more surface area for the lash to adhere to. This technique also makes it easier to remove the eyelash strip at the end of the night because the lash is attached to mascara and not just your bare lashes.

Once you apply the adhesive on the strip of eyelashes make sure to allow the adhesive to dry. The adhesive has to stay on the eyelash strip for at least a full minute before you put it on so that it can stick to the eyelash. This will help you keep your flawless look for the entire night without worrying that they will fall off.

Lastly, make sure to use makeup remover when taking off your eyelashes. This will save your natural lashes so they don’t fall off and it also helps keep your eyelash strip in good condition. I usually apply the remover on the lashes and let it soak for a few minutes while I finish off my bedtime routine and then slowly remove them. If you use a remover and take care of the lashes they should last you quite a bit.

All opinions expressed are genuine and my own. The Sensible Gal is no expert so please do not substitute my opinions for professional advice.

Notes to Self – How I Will Balance the Dosha-Effect on My Skin

Dear Me,

I know. I know. It’s been quite some time since we last had a heart-to-heart chat. But you know me better than anyone on this planet. I just keep getting busier and busier till I reach the burnt-out point and then I spoil myself silly with overindulgence – till my skin scrrrreeams. My eyes, hair, nails and skin are all grouchy. Why do I do this?

I can overcome self-neglect…

But then again, how about giving myself tiny goals and patting myself every time I achieve them? How about squeezing in 5 minutes for myself? Yes, I can! OK, so what’s on my checklist?

1. I’m not buying any under-eye cream or skin cream just because my best friend bought it.
2. If I can’t make sense of the fancy-shmancy ingredients (read chemicals) in the creams, then I’m not buying them.
3. I’m indulging in only those beauty products that suit me.
4. I need to understand my skin, personality, preferences.
5. Ummm… act on the above.

What am I?

So, after I checked myself from succumbing to the pressure of buying ‘just because’ (eyes rolling) plus, those bizarre chemicals (I’d have to be an Einstein to understand those terms); I feel good. Isn’t that so, my dear me?
Now to the next point. What am I? What suits me and my skin?

Ayurveda has the answers…

After frantic online search I stop at age-old Ayurveda – the knowledge of life. At least, I’d be nurturing myself then. No side-effects. So here’s what I find:

1. My long-term and stable energy-field or basic constitution is my prakriti.
2. My prakriti is basically made up of 3 main doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.
3. I could be either one or a combination of the three – Vata-Pitta, Pitta-Kapha, Vata-Kapha and Vata-Pitta-Kapha.
4. I need to consult an Ayurveda practitioner for finding out my most dominant or leading prakriti type.

But how will I use my dosha as a part of my skincare regime…
All right, I have all this knowledge now. How do I apply it on me? Easy.


Wait, what?
Yes, balance your dosha. That’s what Ayurveda is all about. Harmony.

– So, if I’m a Vata (which means I’m thin, energetic, have irregular sleep patterns, dry skin) then I need something hydrating, soothing and protect my skin from harsh climate.
– If I’m a Pitta (I have oily skin that is prone to turning red and I get irritable when I’m tired) then I need something that is chemicals-free, no strong fragrances and protect me from the sun.
– If I’m a Kapha (I’m heavy build, tend to gain weight easily, have dull skin, can get stubborn) then I need a good but gentle cleansing products and light moisturizers.
One size doesn’t fit all. I am unique. So are my skincare needs.


I’ll spare myself the why-didn’t-I-think-of-this-before guilt trip. All that matters is that I feel safe and cared for. Goodbye neglect and chemicals. Hello healing touch and Ayurveda.

With love,

Create New Fashions and Set Trends in Hair Dressing

Fashion is a way of life that brings changes and beautiful traditions with it. So much so, more people are fascinated with fashion than with food and cooking. To say that one is hungry is not as bad as saying one is out of style. Hairdressing is an important aspect of fashion. What is it that makes this so important?

Importance of hairstyling

First, one must acknowledge that one’s hair is the best thing about a person. If the hair is not well maintained, neatly trimmed, and oiled, the person will not look attractive. Hair that does not stay in place will make that person look like a hooligan. The unkempt look will draw dirty looks and he will soon be barred from his own social circle.

Due to this, there is a renewed interest among the job seekers of today to become a hairdresser. For one thing, there is no need to invest a huge sum of money to become a successful hairdresser. One only needs a small shop and one will be set for life. One can undergo one of the many Hair Dressing Courses in Delhi and learn the needed skills from the professionals.

Things to learn in hairdressing

By taking this course, you will learn things like the basics of blow drying and volume blow drying techniques. This is needed because it is an important part of hairdressing. The next thing is you learn hair tonging and hair ironing. It will teach you how to straighten hair and set curls in it. This will take barely one week. They also teach you the latest cuts doing fashion trends now. Skills included will be Natural Inversion, Forward Graduation, and Square Layers.

The advanced course will include classic cuts and it takes 10 days. You can do this to lay the best foundation for your hairdressing career. Here the skills taught will include Transient Mid Length and Transient Length Haircut, Graduated Bob, and Transient Bob. They also teach you how to make Short Round Layers. Along with this, you can take the color course that teaches you the root level application of color to hair. You also learn the Global Color Application. This is one of theĀ Best Hairdressing Courses Delhi.

Learn hair styling methods

Students learn safety methods in haircutting and styling. They are taught how to choose a product as per the nature of a person’s hair. The practical experience in hair waving and chemical straightening will be of immense importance for them. With step by step instructions, the students learn through actual practice how to implement the latest methods and use the latest styles in hairdressing.

It is important to fast track your career in the hairdressing business. Learning how to create highlights in the hair and achieving color corrections help students make a new path for themselves. Your tutor will instruct you personally on how to make changes needed to make a person’s hair fall in line with the latest trend. Advanced techniques like thermal straightening, wet hairstyling, and thermal curling are also taught. This will help one become a master in this art.

A Few Simple MakeUp Mistakes Explored

Makeup is a vital part of a woman’s attire. Hours have been spent in front of the mirror to get it right and yet you are still the talking point of the event for the wrong reasons. So, it doesn’t matter how good you are in your home makeup skills you are definitely vulnerable to mistakes and some of them you don’t even realize. What is Professional Makeup in Delhi all about? Find out!

Get your basics right

Primers and Foundations are the base of every makeup so it is important to get this right first. Most people make the mistake of not using a vitamin-rich primer, to begin with, and as a result after a few hours, they start thinking why their makeup is transferring. So, choose a primer with antioxidants and keeps it from getting messy.

After Primer, Foundation is the most frequent mistake that’s been made during makeup as people tend to go overboard not only with the quantity but also with the choice of colour. To avoid this mishap, sample multiple foundations by applying them to your jawline. It has two benefits, you will see whether the colour is dark or light according to your complexion and you will also understand its undertone.

Powdering is not the solution

The common notion here is that if you have oily skin the only way to mattify it is to use setting powders. Now, this may be great for some people but this also creates issues for others, especially for people who have acne. So, the very simple solution here is to use anti-shine gels, this will eliminate the shine that you mainly see in forehead, nose and chin.

Another common powdering mistake is the use of excessive bronze powder. Now the aim of a bronze powder is to imitate the sun’s effect by warming the complexion of your skin. So, use the bronze powder strategically and apply it on the curved regions like a tip of the nose, a tip of the chin, forehead for a bright look.

Don’t go wrong with nude lipsticks

Nude lipsticks have become more and more popular in the past couple of years. But the chances of going wrong with it are also high; so, you have to be attentive before you buy one. To begin with, don’t choose a colour that is so thick it will look like that you have applied foundation on your lips. Also, choose a colour that is lighter than your complexion but not so light that you look like a zombie.

Seal it with setting spray

Setting spray is your final touch as applying it ensures a long-lasting and fresh face. This will keep the makeup in place and prevent it from transferring. This also provides an extra layer of protection to your skin and mainly to the people who have sensitive skin. This will double up as a primer and will protect your skin from heavy makeup like adhesive and glitters.

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